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Saturday, 9 January 2016

It Frosted Last Night

When we lived in Deschambault Lake, surrounded by the woods, I loved the beauty of the snow on the trees.  Yes, I am one of those strange people that enjoy winter and that means, snow.  There is nothing prettier to me than the snow hanging heavy on tree branches.  I really like to go for a walk when it is lightly snowing.  It always puts a smile on my face.

Here in Three Hills, we have gotten a little bit of snow but what we get more of is heavy fog that frosts the trees.  The air will start to get colder and a fog settles in around us so thick that we can't see past our deck.  The fog may stay for a couple of days and then it lifts leaving behind picture perfect scenery.  Today was one of those "grab the camera" moments.  We had to dress warm but it was a gorgeous walk.
This is the street just down from our house and everything you see on the trees is frost....not snow.
I wanted to step into the snow to take a picture of the red berries hanging in the frosty tree.
And then a pretty bird flew into the tree and waited for me to take this picture.
The heavy frost also sticks to the wires which means at times you may lose power and that is what happened this morning.  Just when it was time to make my morning tea, the power went off.  Since Ron had worked until 3:00 a.m. we decided to crawl back under the duvet and have a morning nap.  Two hours later the furnace clicked on and it started to heat up our home which was now down to 13 degrees Celsius.   That morning tea sure tasted good at that point!

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