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Monday, 25 January 2016

Life and Death

After spending two years in northern Saskatchewan the news of a shooting on a reserve caught my attention this past Friday.  It was not the same reserve that we were on but we know members that are currently serving there.  I was relieved to find out that they were okay but still my heart ached for the loss of lives.  Young people who should have a whole life ahead of them ended in a second.  A new teacher, with a career developing, suddenly dies because of what?  Seven other lives in critical condition and one lone shooter holds the answer of why?  Does he really know?

Many of the reserves have young people who have seen too much sadness.  They have developed addictions to substances that rule their lives.  Family is so important but many are haunted by memories of horrific events in their past.  What is the answer to such hopelessness?  We have seen many who want to change the cycle.  Good, strong people on the reserve that have a desire to work hard, stay away from the things that are determined to destroy their people and make family a positive influence on the lives of their children.

While we lived on the reserve we did have some scary moments but thankfully nothing as devastating as what happened this past weekend.  As we look back we have many good memories.  Memories of  our DL family gathered around our table for meals and developing a friendship that continues.  We enjoyed the world around us in all seasons.

Sadness can happen any where.  Terrible events can cause death.  I want to choose to live and enjoy the moments that we have; wherever we may be.  As for the seven people in critical condition I pray that they will recover physically and somehow mentally they will be able to find life again without being haunted by the memories of this terrible event.

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