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Monday, 2 September 2013

My Grandchildren

How did that day I was getting married and then a few short years I had my own two great kids and then....I'm a Nanny!

And guess what....I have the cutest grandchildren ever!!!

They are blue eyed beauties....okay, one is handsome!  They truly have won my heart completely.  As all children they are uniquely different and so totally loveable.

Sarah is the big sister.  She's my little "Tigger" because she has so much energy.  From the time that she gets up to the time she closes her eyes she is ready for action.  She loves to go for a "little walk."  I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and the answer was very simple, "A Princess" of course, she also said that she wanted to buy a garbage truck.  She is a great little shopper and just "loves" everything that is cute, pretty or sparkly and jewellery and nail polish is a must.  She starts Jr. Kindergarten tomorrow and if they have a Miss Congeniality competition she will win.  When I talked to her today about starting school her one wish was that her sister, Emma could go with her. 

Emma...she's my little "Piglet."  Oh she loves to snack but she is always moving so she is a tiny little
thing.  She has the best little personality.  She always tries to keep up with her big sister but is happy to play with her little brother.  She has a sparkle in her eye that just lets you know she is up to something.  She takes her time to check you out and if you pass inspection she will share hugs with you.  She loves to cuddle when a book is being read and she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.  If one of her family is missing she will constantly do a roll call...."Where's Jacob?"...Where's Sarah?...Where's Mommy?"  AND don't leave her behind!

And there is the little "Pooh" man.  He is just so huggable, squeezable, loveable.  His big blue eyes light up when someone looks at him.  Even though he is the younger brother of two big sisters he is totally a little man.  If there are wheels to look at or vehicles going by, he is interested.  He's at that age where he can pull hair and then smile about it.  He is so totally adorable!  Jacob and I really bonded this last time I was visiting them.  He always wanted to come to me and it made me feel so special.

I'm sure that if you have grandchildren you consider them cute and I'm sure that they probably are but I really have to think that my three are the cutest grandchildren ever!

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