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Friday, 20 September 2013

Favourite Season

I enjoy living in an area that has four distinct seasons and I like each one for different reasons:

  • Winter....the first snow fall or the snow falls that look like you are in a snow makes you excited about decorating for Christmas.
  • Spring....that first fresh smell of spring...watching the buds form on the trees and the snow melt away.
  • Summer....that wonderful warmth of the sun....canoeing, reading on the back deck.
  • Fall....has always been my favourite....the leaves changing colours, the crispness in the air...the walks through the crunchy leaves at the hunting camp.
Taken in 2009 at my Dad's
hunting camp
Curley, Stephen's dog

Leaving the hunting camp for the
last time.
Flin Flon
 We had so many great walks through the hunting camp trails.  I always walked away from there tired but feeling so refreshed from a day in the woods with the vibrant colours of fall surrounding us.

Ron and I went to Flin Flon, Manitoba this week for groceries.  (Don't you just love the name Flin Flon?)  Ron found a neat little area to walk through and it brought me back to the years at the hunting camp.

It was an old campgrounds   that looked like at one time had been well used but has been neglected for the past few years.  It was an interesting place to hike around.  It was a pretty walk but I don't think anything can compete with the colours from the hunting camp as seen below:

Yes, Fall is a wonderful time of year!

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Catherine said...

Fall is truly my most favorite season. I just wish it would last longer! Lots of yellow leaves here. I packed away my shorts and capris for the year. :(
xo Catherine