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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Count Down

7 - Only 7 more days until we move... I have enjoyed living in Swift Current.  I have liked our home, our church, my work, the many trips we took and the many great friends that I made.  I will miss the deck where I sit to read and all the great walking trails but especially my wonderful friends.

5 - Only 5 more days to work ...4 years ago I was privileged enough to find a great place to work.  I learned lots, was given many great opportunities and made new friends

3 - Only 3 more tea walks...I have so enjoyed my Tea Time Walks (and no, I don't mean golf).  Catherine from cornerofcatsmind has become more than a tea partner.  She has been a co-worker, confidant, friend and now my blog mentor.  I will miss our talks and walks but I know that we will continue to be blog friends

Soon it will be down to ONE....the last night in the house, the last day to work, the last church service.  Moving is hard.  I will never get use to it but I do know that I have met many wonderful people along the way.  Friends that will be forever friends and if I hadn't said goodbye to all my great friends from the other places that I lived I would never had gotten to meet my friends here.  So...moving is bittersweet.  Saying goodbye hurts but having the privilege of meeting new friends and seeing new places is exciting. 

And so I may pack my things (okay, maybe I don't pack) and move away but I will keep all my friends in my heart.  I will shed tears as I leave and remember you with smiles throughout the years. 

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Catherine said...

Only 3 more???? Waaaaaaaaa!
Hmmm....can we fit in 2 today? 9:30 and 2:00? Because I don't think I left time on Monday for one. Oh it is all just so so sad..... :(
xo Catherine