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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Honouring Dad!

Our church asked us for memories of our fathers and I forwarded the email on to Jenn and Stephen and they responded with great thoughts about Ron that I wanted to share.

Stephen wrote:

The thing that comes to mind the most for me is swimming across the lake with dad when I was young. I always tried my best but couldn't always go as far but I always had dad to grab onto. He always said just keep kicking and doing the best you can. I always know to this day that no matter what I do that I always have dad to count on if I need a hand with anything I work at.

Jenn wrote:  Driving to Kingston tonight the radio was on but I wasn't really
paying attention until the song by George strait came on called "love without end amen". That song reminds me of dad and how he's not always been happy with the way things have gone in my life but has been supportive and always reminds
me that he's just a phone call away. Although we don't talk that much or see each other much, the saying that a father is a daughters hero and first love is true. As much as dad drove me crazy or embarrassed me when we
went on trips by trying on the goofy hats or jumping around like a kid, all those camping trips he forced me on, and driving me crazy with his OCD of making sure the van was spotless every morning. I'm proud to be able to call him my dad and am proud of the newest adventure he has taken, all to pursue a dream he has had since he was 19! I love u dad! Happy Father's Day to the best dad/grandpa Ron ever!!

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Catherine said...

Oh these are sweet! Oh my stars ~ look at how different Ron looks. Haha!

My dad has been gone for 14 years. I still miss him. :(
xo Catherine