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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My blog is brought to you today by the letter F

Saturday night we went to a FIRE at our FRIENDS, the FRIESEN'S where we had FOOD cooked on the FIRE.  Normally hot dogs are not in my diet but who can resist a wienie cooked over the open FLAMES.  And then for dessert....s'mores.  Gooey toasted marshmallow with a good chunk of chocolate surrounded by chocolate wafer cookies. 

I think it is a real good thing that the ellipticals were on sale this week or I may end up FAT.

On Sunday our church FAMILY blessed us with a going away gift.  It was a perfect gift depicting our last four years and FRAMED beautifully.
 And then last night I had some FRIENDS over for some FOOD and FUN and one of them even had the last name FUNK

It was a FANTASTIC evening!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Yup ~ that a lot of fine F Words... hmmm... that sounds funny... ;)

Glad you are finding time to spend with friends!

Only 4 more tea days left. :(

xo Catherine