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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Making the Most Of It

Life goes by way too fast not to enjoy every moment.  When Ron and I have our days off together we make plans to add a new adventure to our memories.  On Monday we started off on a three day trek into the mountains.  It is still hard for us to believe that we live so close to the Rockies.  We drove west as far as we needed so that we could enjoy the view and then south to Waterton National Park.  On our way we saw spectacular views like where the prairie meets the mountains.

When we lived in Swift Current we visited the park but it was very busy and crawling with the visitor center was surrounded by other beautiful creatures enjoying the peace and quiet after a busy summer.
We took the scenic drive through the park.  Around each steep corner was another beautiful view of the mountains.  My camera shutter was constantly flicking.  The only problem is that pictures don't really give the sights justice.  You really need to experience it for yourself.

It was such a beautiful day and I so enjoyed spending the day with Ron in the mountains.  A friendly deer agreed to take this picture for us.
We arrived in Fernie, B.C. in time for supper and had a nice walk around this beautiful mountain town.  Even from our room the view was amazing.  The next morning we did a little drive to see the ski hill and then headed towards Canmore.  We made a stop at Fort Steele and walked through the historic village there.

As we walked around the fort Ron seemed to be attracting cats.  When he knelt down to pet them they jumped up on him and would snuggle around his neck and even followed him like a little puppy would.  I think he must be the cat whisperer.

Along the way we stopped in Radium for a relaxing dip in the hot springs.  It is so nice to travel when the roads are quiet and you have the attractions along the way almost to yourself.

When we arrived in Banff we easily found a spot to park and walk the streets.  This was much different then the last few times we visited this beautiful little town.  We looked through a few stores and treated ourselves to some fudge.

The Home Team was ready to play!
From Banff we drove the short distance into Canmore and spent our second night in the heart of the mountains.  It was another wonderful time of making the most of our days off.  When we got home on Wednesday Ron left for two days of training in Edmonton and I worked Thursday and Friday. 
Today we woke up to rain and Ron went to work.  I went to Red Deer with a new friend to a Christmas craft show.  Yup, Christmas is coming very soon.  It will be fun this year to have Stephen around for Christmas time.  I certainly will make the most of that time. 
The sun is shining now and it has turned into a beautiful day.  I think I will go and make the most of it!

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