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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

That Friend!

You know what I mean...that friend!  The friend that you always enjoy being with.  The friend that makes you laugh, gives you hugs when you need one, always says the right thing...oh, now you've got it!  Well along my life's journey I have been privileged to find a few of these friends and in the last church that we pastored I found many forever friends.  Needless to say I truly loved all the ladies in that church;  some were like mothers to me, others like crazy aunts and there were a group that were like sisters and they still remain that way to me today. 

Thelma is one of those special friends.  We worked closely in the church since both of us enjoyed working in children ministry.  We bonded over making crafts and setting up the Sunday School rooms.   If a job needed to be done you could count on Thelma.  Kids just gravitated to Thelma because she showed so much love towards them.  I gravitated to Thelma  because she was so special. 
Thelma hosted many church events and dinners at her house.  I never knew how she had the energy after working long hours and dealing with her hubby's shift work.
With always a smile on her face and usually in bare feet she kept moving and making sure everyone had a great time.  There were many Saturday nights that we spent at her home with Ron cheering on the Leafs and Rick in his Montreal Jersey.  Even through that we continued to be friends.

There was another special bond that Thelma and I shared...our birthdays.  We felt like bosom buddies.  Every year we got to share that one special day with each other.  I have many precious gifts around my house from her thoughtfulness.  She always bought gifts from the heart.
I cannot count the times that Thelma was there for me over the years while we were in Frankford.  After my surgery she came with meals, flowers and company.  When Ron went to depot and I struggled with depression she was there for me with visits, hugs and encouragement.  We never went  many days without being in contact with each other. 

Whenever we go to Ontario my trip home is not complete unless I see my Frankford sisters.  So either I invite myself or they come to wherever I am.
I don't have the words to say how much these girls mean to me.  They have been there for me in so many ways. 

A week ago Sunday I received a call from Thelma.  Tears flowed as I listened to her.  She had been to the doctors and found out that she has breast cancer.  The last thing you want to hear from anybody is the "c" word.  She is scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks.  I so wish that I could be there for her as she goes through this time like she was there for me so many times.  I know that she is a fighter and she will beat this.  She's just that kind of gal.  Her positive attitude and faith will help her through this trial.  She is a strong person.  I am so thankful that she will have her own personal nurse, her daughter, to look after her.

And so from many miles away I wake up every morning thinking about Thelma.  I start the day with a prayer for her health and that God will give her peace.  Throughout the day I continue to pray and just before I fall asleep I pray that she will be able to sleep. 

The bible verse that came to mind when Thelma told me what she was going though was Philippians 4:13.  I changed it a bit to fit the situation.  My version is:  "Thelma can do all this through Christ who gives her strength."

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