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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Change is in the Air

Life around here is about to change....I can just feel it.  Oh it is more than the warmer weather arriving and the snow melting.  It is more than the dormant plant flowering.
There is definitely change in the air.  It started earlier this week when we got a call from 
Stephen.   His years of determination has finally paid off and he is ready to move into his dream job. We are so excited for him.  With that excitement comes anticipation.  Soon I will be booking a flight to the Yukon so he and I can do a little Alaskan tour before we drive down the Alaskan Highway.  It will be different travelling with two big dogs and a cat but I am up for it because I will be making the trip with my boy!  Eventually we will end up back here in DL.  It will be quite a change for us to have Stephen at home with us for a little bit during his transition time.  It's a very good change.  We haven't seen him since November 2013!

Oh yes, change is in the air.....there is even more than that but I will save that for another blog.

Happy weekend.  Can you feel the change?   It's in the air!

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