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Monday, 9 March 2015

Winter Trip 2015

We left our house on February, Friday the 13th...good thing we are not superstitious.  We were excited for a holiday.  It was a little overdue and this one would have three parts to it.  Getting anywhere from where we live takes time.  We drove over 6 hours to arrive in Regina.  Fortunately the roads were pretty good and Ron was just coming off days so he wasn't too tired.  We checked in at depot after a little shopping and tried to sleep.  An early flight was the plan for the next day.
Part A of our trip was just to get to Regina....Part B was a family and friend visit in Ontario.

Whenever we got to go home our first plan is always on how to spend time with the grandchildren.  As we drove from Toronto to Napanee the roads were pretty good and then it began to snow.  Vehicles were in the ditches and we took it easy.  Once we arrived in Napanee we had lunch with Ron's mom and sister and then drove to Kingston to pick up Sarah and Jacob.  The plan was for us to have them for two nights and then do an exchange for Emma and Abby.  It is nice how excited Sarah gets when she sees us.  We had fun with these two.  We took them to church the next morning and evening and they were as good as gold.
On Monday I met Cheryl, my cruising partner for tea.  We were both excited that our 6 years of planning this cruise was about to happen at the end of the week.  When I got back to Mom and Dad's Jenn, Joe and the two other kids were there.  Abby made strange with me but we thought we would give it a try anyway.  Unfortunately, Abby didn't settle down and Emma decided that she would rather be at home as well.  We took a drive that night to take the girls home.  It brought back memories of meeting my parents when Stephen and Jenn decided that they would rather be with mommy and daddy.

The next few days consisted of reconnecting with friends.  Ron and I drove to Verona and I had tea with Tracy, a long time friend from high school while Ron had coffee with Jim, a friend from Sharbot Lake.  It was fun to sit and chat.  Our reconnecting continued in the afternoon.  Ron went to Percy's.  Percy was in our wedding and Ron was in his and they grew up together on the same street.  I went to Nancy's house for tea.  Nancy and I recently found each other on facebook when one of our kindergarten pictures were posted there. 
I hadn't seen her since grade 9....and that was just a few years ago.  I am the one in the front in red with the fancy socks and Nancy is just behind me to the left.  It was funny as we talked I felt like I was a little girl again remembering things from so long ago.

That evening we continued with reconnecting by having tea with Denis and Roxane.  Roxane is my cousin but has always been a good friend and Denis and Ron have been long time tennis partners.  It is always nice to visit and catch up.

On Thursday morning we headed to Toronto to start Part C of our trip.  We had lunch again with Debbie and then in the afternoon I met up with another friend from elementary school.  Susan came to the hotel.  I must have sat with my mouth open as we chatted about her many adventures and accomplishments.  It was great to see her again.

And then....Dave and Cheryl arrived.  They checked in and Cheryl and I went over paperwork, checked into our flights and went to sleep thinking happy thoughts about the next week!

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Catherine said...

LOL! Those are indeed some very fancy socks! haha! Love it!

Looking forward to our Wednesday tea! :)

xo Catherine