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Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Tree

I have learned a lot coming to Saskatchewan, for example....
  • all vehicles in Saskatchewan come with a block heater.  It's standard.  In Ontario, it is something additional that you pay to have put in your vehicle.  Once you have lived through a winter here, you know why.
  • when you have a motorcycle and want to go for a little go out of the city on the one paved road and return the same way.  In Ontario, we lived in the city of Quinte West where the mayor at the time made it his campaign to make every  road in his jurisdiction paved.  That included many country roads.  We could drive in all directions for many miles all on paved roads and never use the same road twice.
  • Saskatchewan people are friendly!  When you walk down the street and say hi.  If you don't, they may think you are from Ontario.  Sorry Ontario people but I have noticed a real difference in this province.  It might be that there are just over 1,000,000 people reside in this province or it could be that they are just friendly people. Whatever it is, I like it.
  • If you are not a football fan you really feel left out during that season and if you happen to be a fan and not a Roughriders!  We actually did flash backs to see the score for the Grey Cup that what it is called?
The province (like all provinces) has its own lingo and if you are going to live here you need to learn a few new words.
  • Bunny hug: A hooded fleece top that is either a pull over or has a front zipper. Elsewhere it's a hoodie.  This is my personal favourite.
  • Grid Road: A dirt road that has a gravel top. It is so named because the roads were developed in a grid pattern.  We call these country roads, back roads, or gravel roads.
  • P.A.: The short form of the city of Prince Albert.  I always thought it stood for Pennsylvania.
  • Speedy Creek: A nickname for the city of Swift Current.
  • Supper: The evening meal. Dinner refers to lunch or the meal served at noon hour.  Good thing to remember if you are inviting someone for means noon time.  We call this lunch.
  • Semi:  a transport truck....we can them transports????
  • Quad:  An all-terrain vehicle, 4 wheel recreational vehicle.  We call them 4-wheelers.  I guess this could apply to most vehicles.
  • Coulee:  small valley.  We call it a valley.
  • Slough:  an area of soft, muddy ground.  In other words a swamp.
It becomes very interesting listening and learning and sometimes even using the terminology.  The best though is the tree.  While living in Swift Current a common landmark was the tree.  Ron might get called out to an accident and the directions would be just a mile or so past the tree.  On our way to Swift this past weekend I took pictures of the tree.

You might notice why the tree is a recognizable landmark....not too many trees around.  So the tradition is honk as you go by.  Saskatchewan is growing on me much more than the trees are growing in the south.  I think I will grab my bunny hug and do my school work.


Candice said...

Ah yes, "the tree". I love that you shared this very important speedy creek landmark :).

Catherine said...

Like that larger photo! :)

And I love that tree. It makes me happy when I see it.

Happy Sunday my friend!
xo Catherine