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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Yukon Trip - Part II - Liard Hot Springs!

Stephen and Rachael took a few days off for us to be able to explore a little further around the area.  We set off on Tuesday morning for a trip to Liard Hot Springs in northern British Columbia. 
Between Whitehorse and the Hot Springs lay 6 hours of highway and amazing scenery.  The boys rode up front and the three girls rode in the back....Curley being one of the girls.

Our first stop was Watson Lake, Yukon....signs from all around the world were posted here.  We took some time to explore.  There was no way to see all of them but we did find some familiar ones.
This was close to where we
use to live.
Prince Albert is 3 1/2 hours from us.

And Rachael found her home town.
After a stroll through the thousands of signs we started south to our destination and were amazed at all of the wild buffalo along the side of the road.  At one time we counted 32 in a herd and the scenery was spectacular or as Ron would say "spec."

We arrived late afternoon at the Hot Springs and checked into the lodge.  We strolled down the boardwalk through the woods, bathing suits and flashlight in hand.  It was the most rustic hot springs I had ever seen.  We changed quickly in the unheated change rooms and rushed to the spring.  The area were the water comes in is around 40 degrees Celsius.  The further way you move from there the cooler it gets.  I moved to my perfect temperature and relaxed on a bench in the water enjoying the soothing feeling and the nature all around us.  It was really "spec."

 After a evening of board games at the lodge, another soak in the springs in the morning we set off towards Whitehorse.  We found more amazing views and lots of chances to photograph wildlife.

Stephen insisted that he could get a better picture from
below and so he slid down an embankment, ran to the edge,
took the pictures and climbed back up panting and puffing.
I will stick to my long lens!

While looking for a deer in the woods, this one ran in front of us.

A Yukon Wolf let us follow him down the road
while his pack called to him.  We were in the vehicle!

Reindeer (or you can call them Caribou) but it is close to Christmas.

This beautiful little fox was hunting.
When we arrived back to the Yukon it was a must to get a picture.  Practising with my timer made for great smiles for the second shot.
Needed a little more time!

Please join me tomorrow for Part III. 


Catherine said...

Look at all the wonderful wild life you are seeing! Oh you are a lucky girl. So much beautiful scenery as well. What a terrific trip!
xo Catherine

LMWIEBE said...

Fabulous Penny!! Lots of country you get to see, how fun....