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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

3 Weeks Post Op and Summer News

So I finally made my way back to work this morning.  I felt pretty good and it was nice to see everybody.

I had news for my boss.  Over the past week our life took a bit of a different turn.  Ron was asked to go to Waterton National Park this summer.  It's kind of hard to say no to this:
Ron will be doing lots of red serge duty this summer.  The next concern was where were we going to live.  Thankfully, the sergeant there had spoken for a place for a potential constable.  We will be staying in Pincher Creek in a chalet.

We will drive there as soon as we get back from our anniversary trip in May.  Life seems to be one big vacation.  First three weeks off for surgery, then a week for an anniversary trip and then the summer in chalet.  I will, of course, take all my work with me for the summer. 

This is all subject to change if our house should happen to sell and then we will actually move to Pincher Creek.

So, this afternoon, I am at home.  I had a rest and now am contemplating the idea of a walk since the sun is shining.
Yes, we still have lots of snow but I am surrounded by beautiful flowers that give me the promise that summer will come some day.

Life is interesting and perhaps a little unpredictable.  You just never know where you might be next month.

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Candice said...

Oh, Penny! Enjoy Waterton! It is one place I loved as a child and long to bring my boys too. Right outside the town is a hike (Bear paw/back?), and it’s lovely. If I remember correctly, 4 km uphill on mostly boardwalk. The first hike I ever did. A lovely view at the end too. 🙂