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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Our 12 Days of Christmas

Last week we returned from our Christmas holiday.  We spent 12 days in Ontario. 

So on the first day of Christmas, my true love and I flew to Ontario.  We spent that night at Mom and Dad's.

On Day 2...Ron had a visit with his mom and I visited with mom and dad.  We then drove to Jenn and Joe's and had a delicious dinner with them and the kids.  We got to stay overnight at our wonderful friends, Howard and Hilda.  It was such a great day!

Day 3....we picked up 4 out of 5 kids!
The van was full of fun and smiles and off we went to Niagara Falls.  We checked into the hotel and then went for a walk, saw the falls, the lights and experienced Clifton Hill.

Abby always wants to hear a good spooky story so Grandpa thought he had a great idea.
Apparently, she would prefer hearing the stories than living through them.  They only lasted a few seconds in the haunted house.

Day 4....We started off with a great breakfast enjoying the view of the falls.
We shopped in Niagara Falls and then off to Niagara on the Lake for their Christmas event.  The kids were thrilled that Kim, Amy and Shelby joined us.  They were our sweet friends from the cottage.  The lady with the "happy popsicles."

That night poor Sarah came down the flu bug.

Day 5 - We had a slow start to the morning due to Sarah not feeling the best.  We did some Christmas shopping and then went to the Scott's for a wonderful lunch and a great visit.

Just when we got on the road poor Abby got sick.  We drove to Burlington and checked into the hotel and had a quiet evening with our poor little one.

Day 6 - We drove to Agincourt Church and the kids went to children's church while Ron and I enjoyed the adult service.  After church we checked into the hotel and then went down town Toronto.  First on the Go-Train.

And then on the Subway.
We went to the Eaton Center, saw the Air Canada Center and the CN Tower and even saw Santa in his house.



Day 7....Zoo Day!  Nobody got sick!

The biggest pull to the zoo was the pandas and we enjoyed watching them play.  No one else was there so we got lots of time to enjoy all the animals.

We had so much fun enjoying the kids!  Don't you just love their smiles!

We tried to recreate some pictures from when our kids were small.  Grandpa pulled the wagon all around the zoo so he needed to rest up in a nest for a while.
We drove back to Jenn's house and dropped the kids off.  The smile on their faces was so worth the trip to Ontario.

We spent the evening and night at Howard and Hilda's again.  It was such a quiet night.

Day 8 - We had breakfast with Howard and Hilda and then drove to Sharbot Lake to visit some of our good friends there.  We did a little bit of Christmas shopping and then met Jenn and Joe for supper.  After that we had tea with Roxane and Denis.

On the 9th Day of our true love had the flu.  He was out for the count.  We spent the whole day around mom and dad's.  He was pretty sick.

Day 10....Ron got back to the land of the living.  He got groceries for his mom and took her shopping.  Mom and I went to Kingston and shopped and stayed overnight there.  We spent some time in the pool and hot tub.

Day 11 - Jenn met us in Kingston.  We shopped and had lunch.  Ron met up with his good friend, Percy for breakfast.  Ron and I reunited in the afternoon and packed up our things and drove to Frankford.  I missed out on the flu but I picked up a cold.  We had a wonderful evening with Rick & Thelma, Al & Donna and Cheryl.  We spent the night there.

Day 12 - After a great breakfast we headed off to Toronto.  We would give this private Air B&B a 5 Star Rating!  We landed in Calgary around 5:00 and got home in time to watch the 3rd period of the hockey game.

Since then I have been still holding onto this cold and I shared it with Ron!  That was our 12 days of Christmas and in 12 more days we can start our Alberta Christmas!

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