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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Christmas Part Two

Christmas Part 2 started on the 27th of December with the arrival of Rachael, 3 dogs, a cat and one pile of gifts.

The next morning our son arrived after working all night.  We let him sleep for a few hours before we lined up the dogs for their yearly Christmas picture.
The stockings for the dogs were even ready for them.
Lilly wandered around the tree looking for the perfect place or the perfect gift.

Ron asked for a pony for Christmas and Rachael didn't disappoint.

Soon the gifts were all opened and everyone felt quite spoiled.  Papers, boxes and dogs were scattered around the house.

We had a turkey dinner and all the trimmings in the evening and felt like we had our full Christmas day just a few days later.
 The next day Ron and I purchased our Christmas gift and we celebrated our son's 27th birthday.  Then the games began!

And we still have two more days to eat, play and visit!

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