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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Valentine's Day Our Way!

It seems to be expected by Ron's coworkers that when we have a few days off we don't usually stay home.  So on Sunday we went to church and then made plans for the next couple of days.  On Monday morning we loaded up the truck with an overnight bag and our cross country skis and headed west.

We drove to Lake Louise and set off across the lake.

It's been so mild that the snow wasn't that great for skiing but you sure can't complain about the scenery or the company!
At the end of the lake we saw people climbing the ice wall.  We both thought skiing was much safer and more enjoyable for us.
It was neat that a few months ago we hiked all around Lake Louise and now we were skiing across it.

I got stopped along the trail by some tourists who wanted a picture with me skiing.  I guess cross country skiing on Lake Louise is a bit of a Canadian icon.  We joked about how many people would want pictures of Ron if he was wearing his red serge.

We stopped to check out the many ice sculptures and Ron practiced his tourist pose.

We headed back to Banff and booked into a hotel for the night.  We thought we would try another trail in Banff but just when we were ready to go Ron noticed that both of his ski boots had cracked along the bottom.  We headed into Canmore to see if we could replace them.  After buying a new pair we enjoyed the sunset as we drove back into Banff.
The evening was so nice and mild that we went for a little walk and stopped for supper at the Grizzly House.
It was an interesting experience.  We had our own private room for two. 

We started out with salad and soup and then a cheese fondue with bread.

Each time we would finish that course we would put up a flag that showed outside the room and the waiter would bring the next item.  Ron ordered the Alberta meat (Beef, Bison & Elk) and I had seafood (lobster, shrimp, scallops).  They arrived raw with a 500 degree stone.

There were five different sauces to try.  Once we finished cooking and eating our meat, our flag went up for our final course - melted toblerone and fruit.
It was all tasty.  After a nice walk in Banff we headed back to the hotel.  The next morning we headed to Lake Minnewanka to try a ski trail there.  It didn't quite work out but it was a pretty morning.

We drove back into Banff and had a tea/coffee break and treated ourselves to a delicious bagel with cream cheese and shaved salmon.  We went for another little walk around town and then decided to try one more trail.

Once again, the snow wasn't that great but the weather was amazing and a nice way to spend Valentine's Day.  On our way home we stopped to say hi to Rachael and have icecream and then I decided it was my turn to treat Ron to a Valentine's dinner.
He makes a lot more money than I do!

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