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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Talks, Teas & Tours

Last Friday Ron and Stephen flew to Ontario for 6 days.  You would think that I would have been lonely but no, it was quite the opposite.  I had lots of activity and my house was full of activity.
I had a routine that every day I would take the dogs for a walk in the back field so that we could all get some exercise and fresh air.
Tanker did his usual trick to me and came crashing into my knees and sent me flying but fortunately no damage was done except an extra load of laundry upon our return to the house.

The really exciting thing about this week was that I wasn't watching the dogs by myself because when I dropped the boys off at the airport I got to pick my sister up!  Our first day together was so nice and warm that we got to hang out on the back deck with our tea and the fur family.
Every day we had a different little activity planned.  We checked out Three Hills, explored the second hand stores, had lots of tea and ate well.

And then after an evening of tv, I would head up to bed and try and find room to sleep.

Ron does not take up as much room as 2 dogs and a cat.  If they were sticking around I would be investing in a King size bed.

Carol and I took a tour to Drumheller one afternoon and checked out the many dinosaurs, the hoodoos, the suspension bridge but she especially enjoyed the ice breaking up on the river.

You see, Carol lives on Vancouver Island and it has been a long time since she has seen frozen water.  It was funny watching how amazed she was at the thick layers of ice.
We had a great week of talking and catching up.  It had been a long time since it was just the two of us and it was great to get to know my sister all over again.  The fur family were really good.  They are really getting use to life at our house and Tanker wasn't even sure he wanted to leave when his boy got here.
Bentley goes outside when Tanker needs some quiet time!

On Wednesday, we took the long way to the airport and did a little more exploring and then we met the boys for supper.  Carol and I said our goodbyes feeling like we knew each other a little better than a week ago.

And now I just have to wait another week and a half and I will have more company and they like Talks, Teas and Tours too!

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