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Sunday, 29 January 2017

A Lonely Week

I hate these weeks.  Ron is gone for a week of training.  I miss him when he is not here.  The days drag by and then it's evening and that is worse.

I'm not entirely alone though.  I am pet sitting for my boy.
They seem to think that I have taken over as the leader of the pack.  Where I go, they come.  We went for a walk out in the back field and while I walked they did hot laps around me, widening their circle each time.  I was thankful that they came back when it was time to come into the house.  After lunch, we all laid down in the bed and I could not move with one on each side of me pinning me under the blankets.
Every once in awhile they get some energy out by running around the house and then stop for a quick tackle.
We've been invited out for supper, the three of us.  This should help them with getting rid of some of their energy by playing with Ace while I visit with Andrew and Brianne.

Meanwhile at the house, Lilly is content wherever she is.  She is the Queen Bee of the troop.
So while I miss Ron, the fur family and I will hang out and then when they leave I will clean the house and go to work.  The week will go by and then I will be happy when the weekend arrives.

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