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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Life in Alberta

Living in Isolation for the last two years was an interesting experience.  I can quickly list our visitors from outside our immediate area...Bruce, Lynne and Brad from Swift Current, three of our grandchildren: Sarah, Emma and Jacob and Stephen with his RCMP friend, Andrew.

Life is different here.  It has been very interesting having so many people coming to visit.  We have had family and friends from Ontario, church friends from Swift Current, and Stephen and his friends from the surrounding area.  It has been wonderful but we have missed our Deschambault Lake family.  The boys had been regulars around our table, helped us celebrate special occasions and had played hours of games.  I missed Denise texting or calling asking for sour cream or some other forgotten grocery item.  There was a closeness there that will never be recreated or forgotten.

Thankfully we have Facebook to keep in touch with each other and to share a laugh at a memory.  But, this week we had a special treat when one of our boys was coming to Calgary for a visit.  We were thrilled when Dan and Tiffany decided to take some time to come and visit us.
It was so great to see them, hear about their new experiences and to feed them!  Of course we had to pull the Catan game out and recreate some of those special times.   I am happy to report that I won two out of three games....just like old times.  (Not quite, but it's my blog)

Yes, Three Hills is a great place to live and it looks like it is a wonderful place to visit too.  For reservations please get in contact with me!

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