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Saturday, 14 November 2015

41 Days Until Christmas

I love Christmas!  I like the lights, the decorations, wrapping gifts and writing cards.  I enjoy just going into the malls and seeing the glitter and sparkle of decorations.  I have already researched the best Chrismas light tours around our area.  A few weeks ago I went to Red Deer for a Chrismas market but I was excited when Rachael mentioned about going to a Christmas market at Spruce Meadows.
We had no idea what to expect but we were excited about the day and we were not disappointed.  With tea in hand we found the area.  The grounds were amazing.  It is an equestrian facility that hosts many competitions throughout the year.  When we walked into the main building we were greeted not by horses in the stalls but reindeer. 

Rows and rows of lights lined the ceiling of the complex.  Stall after stall
and booth after booth we toured the whole area.

From locally made treats and crafts to international finds we strolled through the converted barn.   Along the way we sampled chocolate, fudge, soups, cheese and anything else that was offered to us.  I even had my shoes shined..good thing i wore leather ones.  Along the way carollers were either singing on stage or strolling along the aisles.

We thought we would only be there a couple of hours but we used the entire afternoon.  We were definitely put into the Christmas spirit.  With our purchases hanging off our arms we headed back to the vehicle but just had to stop for a memory picture.
On our way through the city we stopped for a nice dinner and snow began to lightly fall.  As I drove out of Calgary Christmas lights were being turned on.  Yes, Christmas is in the air and so this morning I will take down my fall decorations, put them away and wait patiently for a couple of weeks to get the Christmas decorations out.  In the mean time I will make some Christmas shopping lists, work on a Christmas letter and maybe even listen to Christmas music.

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