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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

And the Cycle Continues

Living in an isolated post with a two year duration means meeting new members and saying goodbye to friends.  It is always hard for me to see them go.  When we moved here last year at the end of June the sergeant left two weeks later. Justin, the member that Ron replaced, left in October.  Oh how I loved to feed Justin.  He really got excited about meals.  In November, the new sergeant arrived.  At the end of December a new recruit arrived from depot.  His name is Dan and since we already have a Dan posted here he picked up a lot of nicknames.  We call him Junior.  He was replacing Mike who took leave in January.  It was hard to see Mike go too.  He was a nice young man to visit with, enjoyed home cooked meals and had spent Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with us.  It has been nice that he has been called back to court a few times so that we could visit with him.  Things around here have been kind of settled for the last six months but then today the moving truck rolled up.
It is time for another member to start a new post and this one is another hard one.  With them leaving it means that the only other member that has a wife living here will be gone.  Denise and I took turns hosting or helping each other with meals.  We had nice visits over the past year and she worked at the detachment so with them leaving it is almost like losing two members. 
Sean and Denise lived right next door to us and the "other" Dan lives right next to them.  Not only are we losing two friends but we are losing the pattern of the red dodge truck.
So last night we had our last meal together and enjoyed a great evening chatting about the last year.

There may not be another wife here but at least I still have the two  Dans to feed and they are pretty good guys to have around and one really enjoys cleaning up the dishes.
And the girls think he is pretty great....who doesn't like a man who wears a uniform and likes doing dishes.

So the cycle continues, one last picture, a final goodbye and we will be awaiting the arrival of a new member and a new clerk to the detachment.  Dan "senior" will be leaving in March and we will be leaving next summer. 
And on and on it goes.

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Catherine said...

Any guy that helps out with house work is a 'keeper' in my books. ;)
Hope you are enjoying your summer dear friend. Looks like you are keeping busy!
xo Catherine