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Monday, 13 May 2019

Way Overdue!

I've planned a number of times to get back to Three Hills but something always seem to come up.  The one time I went back for work, Andrew and Brianne were in Ontario SO finally, I just made it happen.  We were so excited to see Andrew and Brianne and get to know Elliott and Sawyer.  Ron connected with the boys right away.
They were just so sweet.  Lots of smiles and laughs.  We had nice weather so we got to walk take the boys for walks.

We had some great meal with Andrew and Brianne but the real excitement was when the boys got their meals.

Ace even got excited because food was usually flying. We have always enjoyed our time with Andrew and Brianne (our Alberta kids) but the excitement is just a little more now with these two sweet boys.

The RCMP have taken us from Ontario to the west and along the way we have grown our family.  Our visit back to Three Hills was way overdue but we were so glad that we finally made it work.  We went to the detachment to see everybody and I stopped at the college to have a little visit and even got to see two of the team that travelled last year.  Our visit wouldn't have been complete though without pulling out the Catan board and so both nights that we were there, we had game nights.
It was a great visit!  From there, we went to see our son and it was a little overdue to meet his new girlfriend.  We had a nice walk down to the river and let the dogs play in the water and then enjoyed a barbeque salmon dinner, followed by a backyard fire.

It was so wonderful seeing our son so happy.  He has had such a horrible year and it was a little overdue seeing him happy with his new beautiful friend and, of course, his dogs!

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