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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Surgeon Update

Last week Ron and I visited the surgeon to have him give us the report from my operation.  The surgery went well.  He wanted to check my vocal chords through my nose!  Everything looked good.
The pathology report confirmed that the nodule on the left side of the thyroid was cancerous.  The right side also had two cancer spots.  It kind of took me by surprise but so thankful that everything was removed.  The lymph nodes were also tested but they were clear!

My next stop was to get blood work and wait to see if I am on the right a day keeps me awake.
The blood work will also show my thyroglobin level.  If it is close to zero then all is good and if it is elevated then there still could be cancer which would mean that I would need treatments.  We will know on Monday what the results are.
We are expecting good news.  The really great news is that all of our snow has disappeared and we are now enjoying some beautiful weather.

Happy Spring!

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