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Saturday, 26 May 2018

And Now....

With our anniversary trip behind us, we only had a weekend to prepare for a whole summer to be away from our home.  With Ron being posted to Waterton, we packed the truck to the max and on Monday morning we set off for Pincher Creek.  Ron was on the motorcycle and me in the truck.
When we got to Pincher Creek we checked into our chalet and were pleasantly surprised with the roominess of our summer home.  We unloaded everything and settled into our home away from home.
Ron started working the next day in Waterton.
He saw the effects of last year's fire first hand and saw how the wildlife are returning to the area.  Many of the roads and trails are closed to protect the wildlife and help with the new growth of the forest. 
While he was at work, I got groceries and found places for everything.  On Wednesday, I got to work.  I set up my portable office and got lots done.
We've been doing lots of walks around Pincher Creek when we aren't working to try and get the feel of the community.  There are lots of trees blooming and deer roaming.

On Friday morning, we went for a motorcycle ride to the park so I could see the area.  The fires left their mark.  Half burned trees are left standing with new growth showing the evidence of the area repairing itself.

The missing visitors' office is gone.  I remember last year being here and seeing the big horned sheep relaxing in the lawn.
The beauty of the area is still very real.  The mountains have less trees but the water is just as blue and the grass is vibrant.

 It is a strange feeling sitting here in our little chalet.  Ron is working his last night this set.  Tomorrow we will start our three days off.  We plan to go to church, go for a motorcycle ride into BC and maybe bike in Waterton.  After that, it will be back to work for us.

Being a way for the whole summer is crazy.  It's like we are on holidays, but not.  I miss our friends in Three Hills but I'm thankful that Ron and I can do this adventure together.  If our house sells, we will be living here permanently....and if not, we will be back to Three Hills.  We are leaving all of that in God's hands because He knows best and we will be content with His plan!

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