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Saturday, 19 November 2016

150 Days Minus 31.4

I don't know how it happened but on June 22nd of this year I found myself looking down at the scale and finding myself the heaviest I had ever been.  I wanted to blame everything. 

  • It might be my thyroid acting up and perhaps I am not on the right medication for it? 
  • It might just be the age that I am....everyone gains weight right? 
  • Perhaps, it was the isolation of 2 years on the reserve where I couldn't walk outside by myself but really I knew.....
I really like to bake but it had to stop and so I got back onto and documented every single calorie that I consumed.  I exercised regularly and faithfully.  Slowly things started to work in my favour.
It's taken time but by being consistent I started to see a change in the way I look in pictures and feel the difference in my clothes.  I was also feeling so much better inside and out.
I'm not quite done yet.  I had already reached my first goal and now have set a new goal and when I get to that I will re-evaluate and see where to go from there.  My ultimate goal is to feel good, eat healthy and exercise regularly.  Slowly I am getting there.
I can see a difference and I sure can feel one!  So today I am celebrating my 150th day with healthy meals, a nice walk, an extra tea and one little square of chocolate AND knowing that I am now 31.4 pounds lighter. 

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