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Monday, 25 July 2016

The Almost Perfect Weekend

The ingredients for a perfect weekend must include two things: 
  • Ron must be off
  • it has to start on a Thursday!  

So this is how it happened that our weekend was almost perfect.

On Thursday, Ron started his regular days off.  The weather was wonderful and so we got our exercise and lawn work done in the morning.  Normally we would be on the road on such a perfect weekend but I had an afternoon interview.  I went there with fear and trembling because I'm a bit of recluse these days.  I had a massive headache due to nerves but somehow pulled off a decent interview.  The evening was spent unwinding from the tension.  So an almost perfect day.

On Friday, we left early in the morning on the motorcycle for an oil change.  We enjoyed a nice tea/coffee break while we waited.  We then drove to Olds and had a delicious lunch at Tasty Thai.  After lunch we had a financial retirement planning meeting at the bank.  It's almost a perfect plan to retire at age 60 if we can find some more money each month to tuck away.  Ron then had physio while I walked the town and found out that I got the job.  It was almost a perfect day but the clouds moved in just before we got home and we got a little wet.  Brianne and her friend from Ontario came over in the evening for Catan and I won both games...pretty perfect.  Not so perfect that Andrew couldn't play because he was out keeping the citizens safe.

On Saturday we enjoyed a restful day and then rode the motorcycle to Drumheller to see the Passion Play.  It rained a little on us before we got there but the sun came out while we were watching the play and it almost dried my shoes and socks for the ride home.  The play was quite spectacular in the outdoor theater with the badlands making the perfect backdrop to the stage.  On our way home, it poured.  So another almost perfect day...rain, rain go away!

On Sunday, Ron washed the bike and truck before church.  It was a good service and then I went for a long walk while Ron washed windows.  Perfect!  In the evening Andrew, Brianne and Kaitlyn came over for dessert and Catan.  Another almost perfect day but Kaitlyn won both games.

So another almost perfect job.   Well actually it's pretty perfect.  If you look at what I bring to the table : experience as a pastor's wife, school secretary and an executive assistant....then a perfect job job might be an administrative assistant in a Christian school.  Yup!

To add to it being perfect...they are flexible in letting me have days off with Ron! 

So I'm going to enjoy my perfect week before I come out of retirement, work a couple of days and then go on holidays.  Sounds pretty perfect to me!

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Candice said...

I'm glad you could enjoy the Passion plays. Both Josiah and I grew up in central Alberta, so I love your posts as they remind me of home. I hope you enjoy your time at Prairie!