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Friday, 18 March 2016

Fabulous Fernie

Fernie, British Columbia is a beautiful little mountain town.  When you go for a walk it's hard not to just keep looking up at the spectacular views surrounding you.  Of course, walking is a little harder because it seems you are usually walking up hill.  When we arrived on Monday we went for a walk around the ski area.

On Tuesday morning we went for another walk around the beautiful homes at the base of the mountain.  Later we took a drive to see some of the little towns surrounding Fernie.  Mining is a huge part of life here.

Wednesday we took the dogs and found a place to hike through snow covered trails.  
The dogs loved exploring ahead of us, behind us and all around us.  

They used up lots of energy and so did I with a lot less straying from the path although our guide did do a little off the trail excursion.

Once we got back to the condo there was a fight for the couch.

Yesterday we came home and we had a couple of hitch hikers to drop off on the way.

They are good little travellers.  They never asked "how much further."  Now Ron is back to work and I have the laundry caught up and it's time to think about supper.  Fabulous Fernie is behind us and now I should check out some motorcycle trips.  So many paved roads to explore!

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