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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Oh the Fun WE HAD!

For nine weeks Ron and I got to be full time grandparents.  It was wonderful....not always easy and sometimes very tiring but wonderful!

The month of June Emma and Jacob gave us lots of laughs and many smiles.  We got to take them camping and canoeing and they were part of the move from Deschambault Lake....through smoky skies and lots of miles of travelling.  So before we put them on the plane for home we wanted to make one more stop with them...the zoo!

And so it only seemed fair that one of the first things we did with Sarah was take her to the zoo.

While Emma and Jacob were part of the tear down of the house, Sarah's job was to set up the house.  The furniture arrived and we unpacked, put away and searched for the things that we had put away.  When the house was in liveable condition it was time for Sarah to have her holiday and so we had to go find some mountains.

The Three Sisters in the Background (Sarah, Emma and Abbigail)

Her idea to pose like this to match the picture!  Love her creativity.

Feeling on top of the world!
We might have pushed her just a little too hard.
Enjoying??? Lake Louise
But for the most part she loved the mountains...wanted to climb them, take pictures of them and just see them.

Of course life with Sarah wasn't all fun and games.  She was working out.  First swimming lessons.....
And then her goal to be the "Next Ninja Warrier!"
So we had the kids in total for nine weeks.  Emma and Jacob made it to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Sarah made it to Alberta and British Columbia.

Not bad for a couple of grandparents and three beautiful grandchildren.  Wonderful memories for us all!

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