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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

It's About to Get Real

For the past week and a half I have been in training.  It's hard to teach an old gal a new career but I'm working on it.  The first week I stayed in a hotel in Red Deer and would stumble back to the room at the end of the training day and try to read my material.  I was totally exhausted from the learning curve that was being thrown at me each day.  It was a new experience being a big girl and driving to a new city and staying by myself at a hotel but I did it!

This week since it was a short week of training I decided to do the drive up there and back for both Monday and Tuesday.  It added two hours to my day but it also gave me a beautiful drive in the morning.
And at the end of the day it gave me a chance to let my brain soak in what I learned or perhaps relax from too much thinking.

Today was the final day....two tests were completed and two tests were passed.  We learned a little more, heard about payroll entries (yeah!) and were presented with a certificate along with well wishes for a successful week.
And so tomorrow it will get real!  No more practice entries.  No more pretend money.  I won't have to get up as early or read anything at night but I am sure that I will be exhausted from trying to remember everything and hoping that I did it all right.  Fortunately we have a few days to watch and learn and then we will be watched.  Yup, it's about to get real!

When do I get holidays?

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