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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hugs and Snuggles

Well I am back home and "enjoying" the snow and cold of northern Saskatchewan.  While in Ontario we had nice warm weather but I guess that has left them as well.  I thought I should post some brag pictures before I move unto the Christmas season.

I arrived in Ontario on the Sunday and was picked up at the airport by three grandchildren who had gone on a drive to pick up a "surprise."  It was so great to hear their excited voices and have Sarah just stare at me in disbelief.  I had it all planned on how to spend time with the little munchkins so I started out at Mom and Dad's with the two middle ones.
Emma and Jacob are the most active of the four.  Emma likes to play dollies and Jacob went looking for anything with wheels.  We went for lots of walks....teatime with Great Aunt Tina, a visit with Great Grandma and dinner at Swiss Chalet with Great Nana.

And at bedtime it was all three of us in a double bed.  I had a lot of feet in my face during the week.

I considered packing them away in the suitcase to bring them home but I thought that it might put me over the weight restriction.
Mom was able to find a great little "low" chair to help with meal time but the only problem was that they all wanted to give it a try.
On Wednesday Jenn came for supper and brought Sarah and Abbigail.  We took advantage of them all being there and tried to get some pictures but it is very difficult to get four children to look at the camera at the same time but I am sure that you can see the sweetness anyway.

Emma (3), Jacob (2), Abbigail (7 months), Sarah (5)
Jenn took Jacob and Emma home and left Sarah and Abby.  The house grew a lot quieter.  This was the first time that I had Abby without her mom and dad and oh, was that fun!  She is the sweetest, cuddliest, little sweetheart.  I think we bonded!

Okay, tell me you are not smiling when you see Abby's smile???
We did a little bit of Christmas looking in the stores with Sarah giving me ideas for her and her siblings.  We went for a few walks and had a visit with Great Grandma.  On Friday night we drove to Kingston to drop Abby off to her mom and then it was just Sarah and Nanny.  Well, we know what to do....SHOP!

The next few days consisted of more walks, visits, dinners with friends and lots and lots of reading.  I got my hair done a few times by my own personal hair stylist....sorry no pictures.  On Monday night I drove Sarah back to Kingston to meet her mom.  The car was very quiet back to Napanee.
Speed shopping began on Tuesday, first with Mom to get all the grandkids gifts and then Tuesday afternoon with Jenn.  Wednesday consisted of a full morning of wrapping gifts and leaving them postage necessary this year.  In the evening I boarded a flight in Kingston, had a couple of hours in Toronto and then back to Saskatoon. 
I'm glad that I had the time with the grandkids and since I have been home I have received a few facetime and phone calls. 
Now....onto Christmas preparations.
  • Decorating
  • Christmas cards and letter
  • Baking
  • Dinner planning
Oh the time goes by so fast! 


LMWIEBE said...

Oh what fun 😊. Your grandchildren are soooooooo lucky to have you as their Grandma.......

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