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Friday, 18 October 2013


The forecast for the next couple of days:
Today woke up to a dusting of snow

Saturday - 75% of rain or SNOW
Sunday - high of 0 degrees Celsius
Monday - SNOW
Definition for Hibernation according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
1.  to pass the winter in a torpid or resting state
2.  to be or become inactive or dormant
I am thinking that hibernation sounds pretty good.  I bought a little partner from a local carver to help me with the process.  Bears seem to have the winter months figured out perfectly.
I also decided that the best thing to do on a dark, dismal day is to make some homemade soup, grab an extra sweater and turn up the heat....sounds like hibernation to me.
And for the rest of the winter months:
 I've got yarn!


1 comment:

Catherine said...

We know it's coming, especially this time of year, but when the first snowflake falls it hurts!!! I'm not ready for winter. :(

That's a lot of yarn! LOL!

Looking forward to our tea and chat tomorrow my friend! :)

xo Catherine