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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rainbows and a Box of Sunshine

Sometimes life throws things at you that are not so enjoyable but in the end it can turn out to be quite amazing.  
  Like the rainbow after a storm. 

If you didn't experience the storm you would never get to enjoy the beautiful colours of the rainbow. 

Like for example if I never moved I would never have found so many great friends in the places that we lived.....Friends like Roxane who sent me this wonderful parcel in the mail.

Rainbows always make me smile and "A Little Box of Sunshine" made my day!
Thanks Roxane!


Catherine said...

I love your rainbow! And what a sweet gift from Roxane!

You are very loved my friend. :)

xo Catherine

Katy Noelle said...

Yes!! And, well, there it is! It would take pages and pages to explain why I so am with you on that hope - survive the storm - remember that God is in the boat with you so you won't sink - thing.

Isn't it amazing how encouraging a box of love is??? =)