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Friday, 12 April 2013

Who am I?

My Sisters
Well I would normally say (to the groans of my family)....I was the "poor middle child."  In reality, we were all loved equally by wonderful parents; but you must admit that there is some truth to the following:
  • the middle child is the most patient 
  • the oldest gets to lead the way, has all the pictures taken of them 
  • the youngest is the spoiled one
But enough said.  Don't you just love ringlets?  My mom obviously did.  Oh, and the matching dresses!  That was always fun because look, my older sister has the same dress and guess what, when she outgrows it....I get to wear the same dress again (and this time it is out of style).  I was so glad when I grew taller than my older sister but she refused to wear my hand-me-downs.

My Parents at their 50th Anniversary (and this year they will celebrate 57 years!)


At 19 I married my wonderful husband and after 30 years of marriage we have two great kids....Jenn and Stephen and three grandchildren.  Wow, time flies.
Family Cruise 2008

Our Grandchildren....I make sure that the middle one gets lots of love!!! (and the oldest and youngest too!)

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Catherine said...

I'm the first follower!! Hooray!!!

Oh my, look at those ringlets. Too too cute!'

Love the old photos. Very fun!

xo Catherine