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Sunday, 28 April 2013

A "Sweet" Night!

The youth at our church hosted a Dessert night for a fundraiser to go to a youth conference.
The tables were decorated with candles and flowers...very sweet!

We had a sweet waitress and sweet friends to visit with.
And oh...the sweets to choose from - 12 different desserts!

And the sweet Casey led the night and made it well, really sweet!

And then I came home to a farewell gift at my door....homemade afghan and slippers to keep me warm in the north and snowmen....just because I collect them and she knows.....NOW ISN'T THAT SWEET!  Thanks Nelda!

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Catherine said...

Mmmm....yum yum...looks like we will have to do a little extra walking this week during our tea walks. And perhaps a bit extra hula hooping on Thursday. ;)
xo Catherine