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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Early Easter

We decided to have an early Easter Weekend since I will be recovering from surgery on the real date.  Our son arrived on the Friday and with him came snow and dogs.
By the time Saturday arrived the snow was piled high and Easter lunch was almost ready.
It was fun watching the boys play and seeing Bentley doing so well have chemo.

Andrew and Brianne joined us for lunch.  I forgot to take pictures of the dinner but here's what was left of the dessert.
Shortly after lunch our boy left and drove through lots of snow but made it home safe and sound.  On Sunday Ron and I worked to make tracks through the deep snow.
It was slow going but we were persistent,
Slowly and surely, we made it around the field.
So it may not have been the real Easter weekend but we enjoyed a good dinner and some special time with the boys!

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