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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ontario Celebrations

We just arrived back from three weeks of holidays and it was jammed full of celebrations and family time.
Wedding # 1 - Spencer and Sarah McKenzie
Spencer was a regular at our house when we lived in Frankford and we were thrilled to be invited to his wedding and meet his wife and reacquaint with his family and friends.
Spencer and Sarah McKenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Doolittle (Alex was another one of our boys)

I sure do have a nice looking plus one!

Next on our itinerary was to celebrate our 2nd oldest granddaughter's kindergarten graduation.

Our second oldest granddaughter, Miss Emma!
What a sweetie Emma is and it was so fun to be there for this!

Next....Wedding # 2 - Jenn and Joe's big day had finally arrived.
The whole gang!
Jacob, our oldest grandson.  He learned how to swim while
we were at the cottage.

Sarah, Emma, Jacob and Abby!
Here is the youngest "Davison"
Anthony and Nanny

Abby and Emma
Rachael, our son's girlfriend.  She's one of my Alberta girls.
 Then Canada Day arrived...let the celebrations continue!  150 years is a long time.
We weren't done with the cake and balloons yet.  We were able to celebrate my parent's 60th anniversary with all three girls being home.

Together again.  It's been a very long time.
With the extras, add-ons or better known as the in-laws.
 After 2 weddings, an anniversary, a kindergarten graduation and Canada's birthday we relaxed and enjoyed the lake and family time.
My Sarah girl.  She is my little princess.
And here is Grandpa's big boy.

Abby wasn't too sure of us but she tried to make the best of it.  Happy Popsicles certainly helped.



Love the lake and love these kids.

 And as the sun set on our vacation we were thankful that we were able to be home for all of these special times and to be able to reacquaint with friends and make special memories with our family.  So much happened and there are so many more pictures that I could share but I think this gives an idea of when we go to Ontario we try to make the most of it!

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