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Friday, 16 September 2016

September Days

The days are cooling off and the evenings make me want to turn on the heat.  The lights need to be turned on earlier in the evening and stay on longer in the morning.  It's just that time of year again.  I do love the feel of crunching leaves when I am out walking but I know that all too soon sweaters will need to be pulled out and boots ready to pull on....which I'm okay with.  I just went shopping this week and was very successful in finding some new boots to spruce up my fall wardrobe.

You see it just happened that Ron had to be a way for training all week and so I took Tuesday afternoon off and Brianne and I headed to Calgary.  We shopped hard and I came home with two new pair of boots and a FEW other fall items.

I was pleased with my purchases but of course the rest of this week has been pretty warm so I haven't had them out to wear yet.

I'm glad that today is Friday and I took the day off to catch up on things around the house and I'm excited because soon Ron will be home and then we have a long weekend to plan to do something or nothing at all.

Things have been going well at work.  I'm starting to feel like I am figuring out what I should be doing and this week I was the "star" on their facebook page.  I guess I really do belong when you make it there.

Yes, here I am sitting in my little office trying to smile naturally.  I love their flexibility so that Ron and I can spend time together when he isn't working and it's always nice to get paid to go to chapel and prayer.  I use to do that for free!

And now onto September birthdays:

Both Emma and Jacob have birthdays this month.  Emma turned 5 last Saturday and Jacob will be turning 4 tomorrow.  Big school kids!
And we had a celebration for Andrew last weekend who turned a little bit older but would still like to play on the playground equipment. 
And oh yes, there is another September birthday coming and we have plans but that's a whole other blog.

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