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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Stephen has picked up a new fitness adventure this year.  The three main components are: snow, skis and dogs.  Since he has two big dogs who need lots of exercise and he lives in Whitehorse skijoring was a perfect sport to try.  He has been doing it recreationally on days off or before or after work for awhile.
They were really doing well so he decided to enter a race.  First he had to decide whether to enter competitively or in the recreational/pet category.  He chose to be a competitive racer.

The race was on Sunday and the dogs were ready for it.  He was racing ten miles with his two dogs, Tank and Bentley.  He raced alongside others skiing with dogs and dog sled teams.  
The dogs performed like out from the starting point and consistent through the race...going faster than any of their other times.  He was 5th in his category among racers that were regular competitors and he beat some of the dog sled teams.

His name is in the official times for skijoring in the Yukon...pretty cool.  Speaking of pretty cool.....

Good job Stephen!

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