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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Our Rachael

One of my biggest pleasures in life is being a mom.  From the time I was young and playing with dolls I could only imagine the joy of having children of my own.  I was thrilled when I had two bundles to love and care for.  As my children grew, so did our family.  The kids' friends became like our kids and we are close to some of them still today.

When we were in Deschambault Lake and so far away from our family the young members became like our boys.  We are still in contact with them and are excited to hear their news (like a recent engagement) and see their pictures.  We formed a special bond. 

Moving to Alberta meant that we could be closer to our son and it has made me so happy to be able to see him every couple of weeks. 

I have also been blessed with two amazing Alberta "daughters" who are very special to me.  One of those girls is Rachael and this week she let me share with her on a special day.  It meant so much to me especially knowing that she would have loved to have had her mom be with her.  Rachael lost her mom last summer and this was the first time that I have seen a real smile as she was planning for her first home.

Rachael began looking for a house a number of months ago.  Recently she decided that she would build one and so she set the motion in action.
She chose the layout for the house after viewing the show homes that were located close to where her new build will be.

 The above photos aren't great but it gives an idea of how nicely designed these homes are.  Jayman Homes then invite the home owner to an all day event to design their homes.  Rachael asked me to join her for the day and I was more than thrilled to share this adventure with her.  We really had no idea what to expect and the day was packed full.  We arrived around 8:30 a.m. and this is where I saw that smile as we waited for the designer to greet us.
We were escorted to a work table where the questions began.  We were offered tea, coffee, water and snacks...and warm cookies at 10:30 a.m.  They know how to treat their customers.

We started with the kitchen.  There is so much into planning a kitchen.  Cupboards, counter top, flooring, the edging for the cupboards, the hardware for the cupboards, the appliances, the sink (shape, colour, size), taps....
Granite Counter Top/Cupboard Below/Sink Colour to the right

Cupboards with counter top to the right with back splash
Once the decisions were made for the kitchen (and it took us quite awhile) we moved to the flooring department.
The kitchen floor was chosen....a  bit of a rustic barn look.  Something that looks quite stylish but should be good for Tuishi (Rachael's HUGE dog).

We chose some tiles for the front entrance.
It is still up in the air whether carpet will come to the front entrance or if the kitchen floor will go through the whole main floor. 

Moving to the upstairs we chose the look for the guest bathroom.
Cupboard at bottom of picture/Counter top on left/Flooring top right
Rachael's ensuite is big and is going to be beautiful.
Counter top
Bathroom Flooring running into Bedroom Carpet
Once the floors, cupboards and counter tops have been chosen we went to the walls.  Oh, and it doesn't stop there...baseboards, doors, railings with all different colours, styles and shapes. 

Paint, baseboard and flooring
It's going to look pretty good!  She even had to decide on what colour of register covers she wanted.  They really do think of everything.
After a full morning, we were taken to a room where our lunch was waiting.  We had lots to discuss over our pizza.
The afternoon began with a look at the exterior of her home.  It is a semi-detached home and since she bought the one side before anyone else has spoken for the other side she gets to pick the colours....well kind of.  With such strict builder regulations the choices were rather limited due to the agreement that your house cannot be the same colours as so many of the houses that you are connected to. 

Her house is this design:
And the colours that she chose will make her house look quite spectacular.
The main colour will be the Windswept with it being complimented by the Pebble Kaki colour.  The house will be trimmed in white and to add that splash of colour ....her door will be the red shade.  She even designed her garage door to have the two main colours incorporated into it.

At that point our minds were a little overwhelmed and we had to sit through a bit of a long session about hookups for this and that and a security system video.  Rachael said that she might have nodded off for that.

We then went to discuss window coverings....different styles, colours, textures and kinds.  At the end of this session it was 4:00 p.m.

It had been a full day and still there is so much for her to decide.  It was a wonderful experience for me and I was so happy to be with Rachael and see her so excited about her first home.  It will be fun to watch the process and see the completed project.

Thanks Rachael for letting me be a part of this experience with you.  You are a special girl and I hope that you will find many years of happiness as you turn this house into your home!

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