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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Christmas All Over Again

The last few years gift cards have become extremely popular and some would argue that they have made gift buying impersonal.  Not for me!  I always feel like it is getting a gift twice.  For example, a young friend of ours gave us a gift card for Boston Pizza.  On Christmas it was great to open up the Christmas card and find a gift card tucked away in the envelope.  In January, when Ron and I used the card it was a treat not to have to pay for the meal.  Thanks Andrew for dinner!

I got another gift certificate for Christmas, this one from Rachael.  So on Christmas morning I opened my "gift" and then got to plan for it.

On Monday, Christmas came again when we had an appointment booked to be pampered.  First a stop at the mall to pick up some travelling clothes for my trip and of course, a tea.  Off we went to our little Oasis.  It was time for our pedicures.  

There is nothing quite like the feeling of soaking your feet in sudsy water and then having them massaged with cream.  Hot wax is a little hard to take at first but oh, how they make your feet feel so soft after.  It was super relaxing and a great way to spend a Monday.  Next came the manicure.  Rachael and I had worked very hard to have nails that could be manicured (it might not look that way but we were proud of them). 

While letting our nails dry we relaxed in a room with soft lights and soothing music.  We both discovered that we are not very patient at letting our nails dry.

After "watching paint dry" and getting a nail fixed that I didn't let dry enough we were off to finish our evening.  It was such a beautiful day that Stephen even joined us by riding his motorcycle into the city.  A sushi dinner was on the menu for us!

So gift cards are like having a special occasion twice.  Once when you receive it and then when you use it.  So I think they are very personal gifts.  Merry Christmas to me in February.  Oh, and my nails look great for my cruise...two more sleeps!

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